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Moriarty Bielan & Malloy LLC is a full-service condominium and real estate law firm with decades of experience that provides expert litigation, transactional, general counsel, and common expense fee lien enforcement. Our experience, skill and drive set us apart.

Condominium Association Lawyers in Massachusetts

The search for an effective condominium association lawyer in Massachusetts can feel daunting – leaving many unsure of where to begin. At, Moriarty Bielan & Malloy LLC we recognize that condominium associations and their managers rely on concrete, practical and clear advice. Our team of Massachusetts attorneys understands the diversity of an association’s need for legal guidance. Our condominium association lawyers are able to resolve issues that run from operational, such as drafting amendments or interpreting a condo associations’ governing documents, to complex legal matters that involve an analysis and synthesis of varying sources of legal authority.

The structure of your condominium association and its governing documents, in combination with state and federal law, can be cause for uncertainty when addressing issues that surround your living community. A condominium association and its board are controlled by the governing documents of the condominium association; by the Massachusetts Condominium Act, G.L. c. 183A; by federal and state statutes and regulations; by local ordinances and laws; and by common law principles.

At MBM Law our Massachusetts condominium association lawyers can help your condo association simplify issues that you confront and bring clarity and common sense to resolving the legal questions that may arise.

MBM is the premier choice for condominium association legal representation in Massachusetts for both our experience and exceptional track record of obtaining positive results. That is why our satisfied clients return to us and recommend MBM to their friends and colleagues. Contact our Boston or Braintree, Massachusetts locations to get started today.

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