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Moriarty Bielan & Malloy LLC is a full-service condominium and real estate law firm with decades of experience that provides expert litigation, transactional, general counsel, and common expense fee lien enforcement. Our experience, skill and drive set us apart.

General Representation

Operating a condominium association is not the same as running a single-family household, but rather more like running a mini-municipality. While there are obvious advantages to community association living, there are fundamental differences which create complexities. A condominium association and its board are controlled by the governing documents of the condominium association; by the Massachusetts Condominium Act, G.L. c. 183A; by federal and state statutes and regulations; by local ordinances and laws; and by common law principles. MBM’s lawyers can help an association to simplify the issues it confronts and bring clarity and common sense to resolving its questions.

A condominium association’s need for advice runs from basic operational issues, such as drafting amendments and interpretation of a condominium's governing documents, to complex (and sometimes unresolved) issues that involve an analysis and synthesis of the varying sources of the legal authority which authorize and limit an associations actions and decision making.

We distill the questions. We analyze the issues. We give you real answers and practical direction.

The firm recognizes that in all circumstances what an association and its manager need is concrete, practical and clear advice. Sometimes issues are complicated, but MBM’s lawyers understand that their advice is being sought so its clients can make informed decisions and take action. Whether we are reviewing governing documents for the association’s quorum requirements for an election of the board, litigating rules enforcement cases, or determining how recent federal and state statutes impact your exempt employees, we know our clients need direction.

We distill the questions. We analyze the issues. We give you real answers and practical direction. We tell our clients what we think they should do and we craft approaches that act to minimize exposures and maximize opportunities.